2016: The VMI Studio Year In Review

2017 is now in full swing, with a bright year ahead for VMI Studio. We look forward to continuing to create and innovate with the same sense of passion and love for architectural visualisation in virtual reality that we have always had. As we move into the new year, however, it’s also time to reflect on our successes of the year just passed, so here are our highlights from 2016.

Working With Matt Collishaw on Virtual Reality Exhibition in Birmingham

We are proud to be working with internationally acclaimed artist, Matt Collishaw, on a virtual reality art project. The project began in 2016, and is well underway and set to launch around the end of March at both Somerset House in London, as well as in Birmingham itself. We are collaborating with Collishaw to bring a 170 year old history of the city of Birmingham to life through virtual reality. The virtual reality visualisations created for the exhibition centre around a recreation of an exhibition named ‘The Model Room’ from 1839, which was one of the very first major public exhibitions of photography in the UK.

The original exhibition’s subject was ‘Manufactures, Inventions, Models and Philosophical Instruments’, and included 93 photogenic drawings by William Henry Fox Talbot. It was hosted at King Edward’s School in New Street. Two of the images included in the virtual reality version which we are working on are thought to be the earliest surviving images made in Birmingham. These show two separate views of New Street, made from the viewpoint of King Edward’s School in around the year 2842. The exhibition will also include some previously unseen material found in the King Edward’s School archives.

It is a fascinating project to be involved in, giving us the opportunity to explore the ways in which Birmingham was at the forefront of revolutionary technology in the field of visualisation of the visible, and invisible, world around us. Of course, this has resonances with our own work, as we similarly explore visualisation technologies in VR, which are forming the landscape of visual records of the world for the future.

Taking Part in the 100% Design Show at Olympia, London

At the end of September, we were thrilled to be part of the 100% Design Show, the largest trade show for architects and designers in the UK.

We were at the event displaying our Hyper-Realistic Interactive Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive VR headsets, allowing participants to engage with our technology on each of the different VR platforms.

VMI Studio At The Ipax Seminar

IPAX Europe & UK is a networking and exhibition summit born out of the internationally renowned International Property Awards Summits. Fergus and Nick, our Founders, gave a well-received talk at the Seminar on Data Analytics in Architecture – How Data is Transforming the Architectural Industry, as well as exhibiting at a small, exclusive event that took place before the award show.

VMI Studio Featured in the International Business Times

Our show homes virtual tours in association with Higgins Homes were picked up by the International Business Times in August, who profiled our use of the Unreal Video Games Engine to deliver virtual tours of property to prospective house buyers. Fergus spoke to IBT about the future of virtual tours of homes, explaining how buyers will soon be able to fully customise every aspect of the property, sometimes before the home is even built.

Those were just our top four moments, but it would be a very long post if we were to go into detail about all the exciting things we experienced last year! Moving on to the year ahead, we have some even more exciting times coming up. For example, we will be working with a global property developer to create a ground-breaking VR experience to be featured in Cannes this year. There are also many more great projects coming up in 2017, so stay tuned to the blog to find out more as it happens!