Importance of Visuals/Imagery in Marketing Collateral

Importance of Visuals/Imagery in Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral is defined as the collection and presentation of forms of media which support the sales of a product or service. These sale aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective, which generally they tend to achieve. Here are some facts to warm up the brain on this hot Monday morning, the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text, considering that written word has been around for a very small part of human evolution, it makes sense. This suggest factually then that when it comes to marketing, content created with visuals is naturally more engaging and interesting for users. If your brain wasn’t warm already, tweets with images receive up to 5 times the engagement of those without, written articles receive 94% more views with some sort of media content. So it is clear that customers enjoy visuals and prefer content that contains them.

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So what makes a good selection which complements your work? The worst thing to do when it comes to picking marketing collateral is picking media, in particular images, that are just there to fill space. These images will immediately seem out of place and aren’t really going to add value to your material. Instead focus your choice of images and other media around specific points you are trying to share. For example if you are talking about attention to detail in photos you produce, dont show the client a wide angle shot with loads of content, give them a macro-photo displaying quality. This attention to detail will definitely be noted and hopefully help you secure that all important piece of work. So what else can give you that one step ahead? Brand identity is such an important aspect when choosing your images as well as just in general. For example colour schemes as well as language of the visuals, try and personalise your images to suit the consumer, if they work in kids toys and you show them black and white images, it doesn’t give off that sense of brand knowledge and research.

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In what ways can you get your message across and which are the most effective? Effectiveness is very much dependant on the type of industry you work for. However. generally you can never go wrong with a video, video content is soaring in popularity. As long as the video is short and to the point, it will hopefully have a positive impact. According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing, a lot seeing an increase in ROI, 84% to be exact. Images are another great way to grab someone’s attention, people are more inclined to read a long extract if images are involved (we are still all kids at heart). The modern reader’s attention span is short, due to the increased adoption of mobile internet and over saturation of digital content. Finally, Infographics, which are a great way to present complex statistics and data. They are an easily intelligible way of displaying the facts and figures which show-off what your company does and can do.

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A perfect example of this within the property industry is a project we undertook here at VMI Studio. VMI studio was commissioned by Malta’s prestigious DB Group to create an experience which would produce huge investment figures in their upcoming development in St George’s Bay Malta. Off of the back of the immersive VR experience as well as an incredibly enticing mixture of engaging marketing collateral we created, the project received a 70 million euro investments as well as the inclusion of additional facilities being added to the proposal. This goes to show the real importance of creating or acquiring high quality media to produce a marketing collateral that shows you off as the best.

What these facts and figures suggest is the importance of imagery in any form of marketing. Marketing Collateral is possibly the most important form of marketing as it helps secure the sale to the consumer in the first place. It gives the consumer a real idea of the type of product you are trying to sell, in a more interesting way than just simply having text or speech. As suggested by these statistics the consumer will most likely feel more entitled to engage with a product if there is some form of media in the companies marketing.

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