Proptech in Placemaking with Sectorlight

VMI Studio was proud to talk at Sectorlight’s recent Proptech in Placemaking event at Home House, describing the introduction and use of technology within property and the direction of adoption the industry should be taking to keep itself ahead of the curve.

Our very own Fergus Byrne led an engaging and thought-provoking talk on VR, AR and AI within the property environment whilst Prop-Tech Guru James Dearsley lead a rapturous discussion on proptech as a disruptor within the industry and how it can implement positive, data-driven change as a marker for the future and how buildings are built, with consideration to both their environment and the occupants.

Using examples such as The Edge, a building used as the HQ of Deloitte that is highly integrated for the working environment, where employees can track all free desk space, times of peak occupancy, empty car parking spaces all from a single app on their arrival. The building hosts a wealth of other features not limited to employee specific data; it can also track overall energy usage, smart lighting, solar panels on the roof, energy reuse and light over ethernet – a system which allows over 6,000 LED bulbs to be individually controlled.

Sectorlight’s creative director Nick Cannons talked to our fellow delegates about placemaking within property and what makes a modern-day home or work environment. Detailing how a development is much more than a place we inhabit, instead, it’s a realm where we thrive and grow as individuals and build communities.

With telecommuting becoming a much wider prospect thanks to the ever-available cloud network people are no longer bound to their office spaces or homes. Cafés, breakout spaces and hot desks are now widely used and a much sought-after commodity in city life. But how does this relate to your home life? Nick touched on this as well explaining that developers now have a duty of care to provide a 30-40-year plan for development now instead of recusing themselves once construction has been completed.

VMI Studio Co-Founder Fergus Byrne was the final speaker of the day. Using emotive videos to showcase how VR and AR are progressing at a rate faster than previously predicted and are no longer the clunky, heavy headsets of the past and are now, with thanks to headsets such as Magic Leap and HTC’s Vive Pro, we are now on the brink of being able to have true photoreal immersion with little hardware weighting.

He went on to point at that many people are reticent to use VR, AR and MR having potentially been burnt in the past when the technologies were in their infancies, should now look to reinvesting in the technology now that are a few years into the consumer market and have had many of the kinks removed and the visual fidelity increased.

Fergus also touched on what the future brings for such devices, and the potential inclusion of sensory indulgence in the VR realm to create a truly immersion piece of theatre to bring clients and investors that much closer to, what could arguably be, greatest purchase of a life time. For what else is more personal than buying a new home. He argued compellingly, that the experiences we use to purchase these things be as enticing as possible. Companies such as Nike are leading the fore, using tech to customise their shoes. Surely, whether you are buying your first, second or third home, the sales process should be just as heavily invested in and developers should look to delight and entice further purchasing.

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