Property CGI, like the breathtaking work by VMI Studio, is the art of creating impeccably rendered computer-generated visualisations of properties that are still in development. The technology (or should we say art?) is slowly becoming visible in the luxury homes marketplace, and VMI Studio is one property CGI studio at the forefront of this innovative evolutionary step in property marketing.

It’s hard to describe quite how intricately formed these property CGI visualisations are. The true-to-life detail and outstanding quality are best described visually. As such, we’ve put together this article to showcase just some of VMI Studio’s exquisite work.

1. Pinnacle House, King’s Langley (Galliard Homes)

Pinnacle House, King’s Langley (Galliard Homes) | Property CGI | VMI Studio

The recently launched Pinnacle House development in the village of King’s Langley features a superb selection of studio and one-bedroom apartments, ideally designed for commuter living.

Each apartment is exceedingly high-spec, as is clear from VMI Studio’s excellent property CGI. The apartments feature oak-strip engineered timber flooring, glossy kitchen units with integrated stainless-steel finished appliances, and video entry phone security, for example.

All of the appealing features of the Pinnacle House development are beautifully rendered in the property CGI that VMI Studios have created.

2. Albany Court, Leigh-on-Sea (Guinness Homes)

Albany Court, Leigh-on-Sea | Guinness Homes | Property CGI | VMI Studio

The Albany Court development features an exclusive set of one and two bedroom shared ownership apartments. Situated on the former Albany Laundry site, within a rigorously constructed, modern exterior, the apartments feature contemporary designs with excellent build quality.

In this property CGI from VMI Studio, you can see the hyper-realistic attention to detail, from the lighting and the wall art, to the magazine and flower arrangement on the coffee table. The astonishing quality of the render is plain to see, to such an extent that it’s impossible to tell the simulated property CGI from a hi-res photograph.

3. Cissold Quarter, Stoke Newington (Higgins Homes)

Cissold Quarter, Stoke Newington | Higgins Homes | Property CGI | VMI Studio

The Cissold Quarter development forms part of the urban renewal and regeneration project taking place in Hackney, north London. A mix of 158 one, two and three bedroom apartments, duplexes and penthouses, the entire development is designed with luxury living firmly in mind.

Featuring finishes from respected industry designers, the high quality, contemporary interiors of the Cissold Quarter development are expertly showcased in VMI Studio’s property CGI renderings. The high gloss kitchen with integrated appliances is rendered to the utmost detail, with reflections and shadowing as true to life as can be. Even the view from the apartment’s balcony is taken into account, with sunset cloud formations against the city skyscape further demonstrating the sheer intricacy of these property CGI creations.

4. The Beach Residencies, Worthing (Roffey Homes)

The Beach Residencies, Worthing | Roffey Homes | Property CGI | VMI Studio

Designed by Devereux Architects, The Beach Residencies is a completely new building set on Worthing’s historic seafront. The central glass tower from which the building is formed, completely rejuvenates the landscape of Worthing seafront, an area that’s becoming increasingly high demand, as the wealthy population of nearby Hove spills over into surrounding seaside towns.

The Beach Residencies comprises just 49 high-spec residential apartments, and the profusion of glass maximises natural light within the properties. An increased connection with the beachfront views, make the development so desirable to buyers, are subtly hinted at through the lighting and open space depicted in VMI Studio’s property CGI renderings.

You’ll also note how VMI have created slick, contemporary white soft furnishings rendered against the luxuriously textured grey rug. Such clear creative intuition at effectively describing the quality of light and space that makes these apartments so special, is a key factor that makes VMI Studio stand out as a leader in property CGI technology.

5. ‘The Lawn’, The Claremont Estate, Esher

5. ‘The Lawn’, The Claremont Estate, Esher | Royalton | Property CGI | VMI Studio

The Claremont Estate is home to some of the most exclusive properties in Surrey. It was once a treasured property of Queen Victoria, who enjoyed countless hours of her childhood on the Estate. It’s no surprise, therefore, that The Claremont Estate continues to command extremely high-profile buyers.

‘The Lawn’ is a superb, five-bedroom home, finished to the highest of standards. Downstairs, the open plan kitchen, breakfast and family room boasts plenty of light, with bifold doors opening out onto an exquisitely landscaped private terrace, gardens, and a luxurious swimming pool with feature bridge and sanarium.

The sheer beauty of this home is expressed sensitively and yet boldly by VMI Studio with its intricate property CGI rendering of ‘The Lawn’. This CGI of the entrance hall perfectly encapsulates the opulence of this space, in a way that is, as usual, indistinguishable from its true appearance.

Property CGI from VMI Studio: Outstanding Virtual Property Walkthroughs

These are just some of the beautiful property CGI that VMI Studio is creating for the high-end property space. Both commercial and residential spaces are rendered in outstanding detail, to the very highest quality. You can see some of our 360 video renderings on our website, and keep your eyes open for our upcoming appearances at various events, where you can try out our virtual walkthroughs for yourself.