How Property CGI Can Help Sell The Unsaleable

Property CGI is fast become the estate agent’s best friend. We are embarking on a new era, in which spending time viewing multiple properties in person may soon be a thing of the past. This will not only free up estate agents’ time, but is a blessing for property developers and house builders, as virtual walkthroughs using property CGI promise to improve sales of properties off plan.

There is, however, another aspect to how property CGI can be used in the real estate industry.

Where properties have been stagnating on the market for a long period, property CGI may offer a solution that speeds up the sale.

If planning permission can be negotiated ahead of sale, estate agents can work with architects to put together extension or remodelling plans using property CGI, to give prospective buyers an idea of what can be achieved with the property.

Property CGI Image via The Telegraph

Image via The Telegraph. Click to view in original article.

Examples detailed in an article in The Telegraph from 2014, show how estate agent, George Berry, used property CGI to enhance the marketing of a property in Sevenoaks that had been on the market for a year. Within a fortnight of releasing the CGI property images, the house sold for £69,000 over asking price.

Where agents can factor in the cost of such refurbishments to the sale price, and there is financial manoeuvrability enough to allow sellers to pursue this avenue, property CGI promises to be a game changer.

How Property CGI Can Show A Property’s Potential

Demonstrating the potential for a property has always been a hard task. Whilst architects’ plans have been used in the past to try and sway potential buyers, it is notoriously difficult for people to effectively visualise plans for a property’s refurbishment from drawings alone. The growing technology in the world of property CGI and virtual walkthroughs opens up new realms for buyers to see, in an immersive virtual tour, how a property could look.

Properties that are run-down or outdated can be given a new lease of life through refurbishment, but this can be quickly overlooked by buyers standing in a shabby hallway. If they were to see the potential of the property in a virtual walkthrough from the estate agent’s office, or – in the future – from the comfort of their own home, this issue can be overcome in a more exciting, visually engaging way.

Here at VMI Studio, we are passionate about giving buyers the opportunity to see the full potential of properties. Whether they be in development, or – as in the example above – in need of a little TLC, we are certain that the CGI property technologies that we work with will revolutionise how we buy property in future.

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