Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality Winners Announced

Architecture competition organisers, Bee Breeders, has announced the winners of its  Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality competition.

The competition asked participants to design a virtual exhibition gallery in which to showcase future winners of other Bee Breeders competitions. The digital gallery would be entirely online, allowing visitors to partake in a virtual walkthrough, exploring the work of other competition winners and occasional guest contributors. Essentially, it’s an art gallery for architecture in virtual reality.

Entrants were allowed to work with their choice of digital 3D modelling tools, without any of the construction restrictions that would impinge upon a structure designed for ‘real world’ construction. The project represents a welcome opportunity for architects to unleash their creativity in completely uninhibited ways, knowing the virtual world can sustain even the most elaborate of designs.

Up to a maximum of four team members were permitted to enter one project, with individual entrants also encouraged. Though the majority of entrants were, of course, trained architects, there was no requirement to have a professional qualification in order to enter.

Architecture in Virtual Reality: Winners List

First prize was awarded to Boris Hilderal from France. Speaking of the role of architecture in society, Hilderal says:

“I believe that architecture is a great way to participate in building the world of tomorrow. As an architect, I think we still can make people dream. In my opinion, we must do that.”

Building the world of tomorrow is precisely what Hilderal’s project will do. The very concept of a virtual gallery broadens the creative scope of architects, and – indeed – visual artists in all disciplines. His winning designs will form the backdrop of what could be a new movement for architects and artists as we fully embrace the post-digital, virtual world.

In second place is the work of Alžbeta Krbylová and Juraj Horňák from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Their project, entitled ‘On The Bottom of the Top’, takes its inspiration from the High Tatras, the highest mountains in Slovakia.

Third place went to Paolo Antonio Zurk Castillo from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia, for his project ‘The Infinite Gallery’.

A full gallery of the winners’ projects has been showcased on ArchDaily.

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