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    Virtual Reality for Architecture

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VMI Studio Creative Architectural Visualisation
& Virtual Reality Studio

VMI produce world leading CGI exteriors, interiors, architectural visualisations, photo-montages, verified views, animations, virtual reality experiences and multi-media apps, for the property and architecture sectors; from planning stages to final marketing collateral. Our expert team have significant experience in CGI production, bringing to life our clients’ designs, concepts and visions. Working alongside developers and architects, VMI produce stunning visual imagery, animations and virtual reality experiences, that enthral and engage viewers.

We take pride in every job and insist on attention to detail which results in photo realistic image quality which has become our hallmark.

HTC VIVE - VR Headsets - VMI Studio Blog
Virtual Reality

With the release of the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive for personal use and the Samsung Gear VR for conusmers on the move, the demand for 360 Video, Images and Virtual Reality content is overwhelming. As the first studio in the UK to build a Virtual Marketing suite, VMI Studio pride ourselves at being at the very forefront of this new technology and the perfect partner to take dreams from concept to reality (or virtual reality).

360 Panorama Renders

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a 360 render tells 360,000. The challenge of still CGIs has always been their ephemeral nature. A still image captures a lifestyle, a room, a concept, but it is just that, a snapshot. At VMI studio, we believe the developer and consumer alike deserve more and with a 360 render, you have the freedom to see and discover every facet of a space, be it interior, communal or private. All our 360 Renders are compatible with the latest VR headsets, meaning for an extra experience, you can take the visuals anywhere in the world and experience personal immersion.

Virtual Reality & Real Time Interactivity

The corner-stone of VMI Studios visual approach, real time rendering involves taking existing 3d technology, combining it with a AAA games engine, and giving buyers unparalleled access to most only explore an unbuilt environment, but to personalise and customise it.

As creators of one of the first virtual marketing suites in the world, we truly believe that Virtual Reality will be a tool for developers, architects, interior designers and anyone interested in visualising unbuilt-space and design, because it gives the user the ability to truly immerse and experience in a way that the second dimension cannot.

Our product allows designers to make real time changes to a space, whether it is changing the colour of the walls, the floor specification or kitchen units, Virtual Reality gives a truly unique spatial experience which is difficult to forget. Interactive Real-Time works through either the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.


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